3-sides cleaning brush + rubber eraser for suede nubuck shoes boot cleaner

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100% brand new
Rubber Eraser
Clean out the besmirch and glue on suede & nubuck
Can be reused after cutting the dirt part
Gives leather a beautiful, velvety look
Material: Raw Rubber
Size: approx. 8.6 x 2 x 1cm (L*W*H)
Color: Yellow
Shoe Cleaning Brush
With 3 sides, multi-function
Useful for the rubber section to gently scrub away imbedded dirt and stains (Be careful to rush in one direction only).
Then use the steel brush to restore the nap of the material (You can brush in both direction a little more vigorously now)
Great for restore and clear suede leather items to very nice and new
Will have your nubuck and suede shoes looking as good as new in minutes
Cleans and remover dirt without harming the leather and eraser the dirt
Material: Steel+Plastic+Rubber
Brush size: approx.15.5 x 4cm (L*W)
Color: Black and white
Package included:
1pc x Rubber Eraser
1pc x  Shoe Cleaning Brush