Sole Protector™ Store

Sole Protector™ Store


Sneaker Culture has been around for quite some time but with the rise of social media platforms like Instagram; sneakers are now center to our culture. Millions of images and video are uploaded and shared every day of just sneakers or sneaker lifestyle. This new wave also opened the door to a fresh take on fashion and launched brands like Sole Protector. 

We know our people and share their passion for sneakers. We also know that they work hard for their kicks and want to enjoy them worry free. That’s why we exist. To keep away the dirt, gum, oils and harmful chemicals that turn soles yellow, brittle and ultimately ruin the craftsmanship that makes each sneaker so special and unique.


While Sole Protector has grown far beyond anything we could have predicted, the focus to this day is on providing our customers with the best protection for their shoes. We take our industry seriously and only ship a unit if it passes our quality control. If you ever receive a product that you are not happy with - please do not hesitate to reach out to us via and allow us to make it right for you.


Just like quality, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and how we sell those products. We also rely heavily on customer feedback and do everything possible to implement suggestions that make sense for everyone.


We are proud members of the sneaker community and keep very active across social media so please feel free to join us online or submit any comment or concern you may have - that is what we are here for. Take a look below for our most active social media accounts.