Mike And Nikes is the world's largest sneaker consignment marketplace

Flight Club Consignment

Selling your sneakers can be remarkably time consuming and equally frustrating. You have items you want to move, but you don't have the time to take detailed pictures for online auctions or classified websites. You don't want to manage and operate your own web store, or engage in back-and-forth price negotiations that go nowhere. And you don't really have the patience for collecting packing slips and boxes to carry product out to mail carriers. 

We do all of that for you at Mike And Nikes. You can bring your sneakers to either of our two stores between New York and Los Angeles, or arrange the 80/20 consignment relationship at, and we handle the rest entirely. We shoot detailed images of your sneakers, store them safely, and make them available to the thousands of daily customers browsing our retail locations and the international shoppers searching our site for the exact sneakers in your possession. 

Consigning with Mike And Nikes is the simplest way to move your brand new and unworn sneakers, and be paid for it without actively participating in the selling process.  

Let's break it down:

1. You bring us, or send us, your shoes.
2. We help you determine your sale prices in accordance with reasonable market values using our experience and extensive data.
3. We sell your shoes online, and in our New York and Los Angeles stores.
4. You receive a check for 80% of the final sale price once your shoes sell. International consignors receive wire transfers. Our commission is 20%.

If you have fewer than five pairs you wish to consign at our 812 Broadway location in New York, you're welcome to visit at any time between Noon and 7 PM, daily. If you're in Los Angeles, you can meet with our consignment staff at the 503 N Fairfax location in Los Angeles between 12:30 PM and 6 PM, and until 5 PM on Sundays. 

If you're unable to visit either of our stores, feel free to register at to list the sneakers you wish to sell and coordinate your consignment strategy. Someone from our staff will review your listing and respond with more details, including pricing suggestions and information on how best to ship your sneakers to us. Once we receive your sneakers, the team inspects them and makes them available for sale.

We do reserve the right to refuse any items.


Send an email to if you have more questions.