Midsole Creases

After much request, we decided to tackle the midsole creases on pylon material, such as the Air Jordan 11. This procedure is not necessarily complicated, but it does require some patience and careful handling. You will need a fabric steamer for this project. We actually picked ours up at K-Mart for around $20. Some people may opt to use an iron, but the problem with an iron is the lack of precise control. For example, it is difficult to direct the heat at a specific spot with the iron. On the other hand, you can direct the steam from the fabric steamer on a central location.

My brother, Daniel, isn't too keen on decreasing the midsoles on his sneakers. He can actually live with them. The creases are going to happen naturally if you plan to rock your sneakers. There is a lucrative side.
If you do plan on reselling your kicks, you could fabric steam the creases out. But hey, you want to be honest when you flip your kicks right?