Send In Your Own Shoes!

"Can I Send My Own Shoe In For You To Paint!?"

Got your eye on your very own 1 of 1 MikeandNikes custom? Never fear. Here's your guide to pricing and what you can and can't do... Once you've got the gist shoot us a text for your consultation and we'll get your order started! 

First thing you need to know...


So questions like... "How much do your customs cost?" are useless.

In most cases you are literally creating something that doesn't currently exist.

So the pricing will vary specifically based upon how much work it is for Sierato, and the cost of any additional add-on's.  

So consult the guide below first for the best estimation of what price your looking at.

1. What Kind Of Shoe?

  • You can customize nearly anything. However, there are specific sneakers that are the preferred choice for Sierato custom art. So we suggest you do some google research and select one of these for your job. The most popular choices are; Foamposites, Air Max 90s, Prestos, Air Forces, Huaraches, Roshes, Timberlands, Vans, Shell Toes, Radials, NMDs, Ultra Boosts, Tubulars, and Retro Jordans. So these will be some of the examples we use for this guide. If what you want isn't on that list, don't trip! You can probably still customize it too. You'll just have to email/text for confirmation! 

2. What Kind Of Material Is Your Shoe Of Choice?

  • Some designs are limited to what type of shoe you choose. Some materials like mesh, or yeezy fabrics, cant be detailed to the extent of leather or suede materials. That means if your looking for detailed stuff like DBZ or Naruto portrait work, then those materials are not what your looking for. You'll want to chose something with large open and smooth surfaces like; Air Forces, Timberlands, Foamposites, or Jordan retros (1s, 6s, 9s, 10s, or 11s)   

3. Can I Ship You My Own Shoe To Use?

  • Of course! Just make sure you have considered the guidelines above, and if your shoe is the proper material for the job you want. 

  • Also, all shoes sent in must meet the minimum acceptable conditions range. All shoes must be at least what you would reasonably consider an 8 out of 10. NO BEATERS! Sierato will not waste his time placing art on shoes you would otherwise throw away. Wrinkled and creased shoes severely hinder the cleanliness of which he can apply detailed work. So we recommend you send a brand new pair (or at least close a 8/10) and your art will last much longer.     

4. What Type Of Design Did You Want?

  • Here's where things get tricky... To get an estimate for the cost of your sneaker adventure you will need to select as best you can, what kind of design you want. First consider the guide above again and make sure of what kind of designs your shoes are eligible for then consult the choices below to differentiate from the different types of each of mikeandnikes's signature designs.

  • PRICES START AT...  $200

Galaxy Print

Galactic prints come in a few different variants each with their own price.

KiLL BILL $200

A classic custom theme with a mikeandnikes spin

What the hype $400

A freestyle collage of the hottest brands combined into one unique colorway. Will vary with each piece to ensure a 1 of 1 

Space jam $250

Space Jam characters with a galaxy background. Featuring monsters, nerdlucks, and tune squad characters. 2 characters max.


mikeandnikes silhouettes with varying themes. Ocean, Beach, and African Desert. 

logo themes $250

Sierato style themes centered around logo work. Like sports teams, brands, and corporations. Come with matching backgrounds. 2 logo max.


mikeandnikes's signature roseprint design comes in many options.

Camo + Sharkteeth $250

Classic Camo design with shark teeth

Desert camo $150

The Supreme feature camo print

Portrait work style themes centered around your favorite anime or video game characters! Comes in two versions.  5. Can I Get A Discount If I order Multiple Pairs?

  • sure You can! Once you've sorted through all the options above, you can chose which pairs you want and shoot over your ideas in a text/email. then we will send you our best discount offer!

6. I Chose My Design... How Do I Pay?

  • so once you have picked your design of choice. Head over to the contact page and send over your idea, along with the price listed for that design and the shoe you would like to use. then we will double check that your shoe choice is compatible with that design choice.

  • If all is good to go we will then send you our paypal email invoice where you will be able to pay with either your paypal balance or as a guest with any card. This payment method comes with a money-back guarantee, so there is no risk. Just like all payment methods available on this site.