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Coolgrips Phone Grip and stand emoji™ Heart Eyes

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Coolgrips™ brings you the first ever magnet top phone grip. The magnet top phone grip allows you to mount your phone to any magnet or metal surface. Our magnet top allows you to mount your mobile device directly to a refrigerator or you may place the included metal mounting plate to any non magnetic surface. You may also use your magnet top phone grip to mount to your current car mount. The Coolgrips™ magnet phone grip is removable and adjustable to any area of your mounting surface. To remove the Coolgrips™ magnet phone grip, place a thin hard object (i.e credit cards) between the mounted area and the Coolgrips™ magnet phone grip mounting pad and slide between the two surfaces.

We use a twist and lock system that keeps your phone grip closed and secured in a closed position so you don't have to worry about an accidental opening. With a small twist, Coolgrips™ phone grip automatically expands using Airpop technology™. Coolgrips™ uses a flexible soft material allowing for all size fingers to fit comfortably between the top and bottom pieces. Our vertical middle allows you to make your mobile device a phone stand for viewing videos in a landscape mode or a horizontal position for daily work. Coolgrips™ phone grip mounting pad is made of sturdy, residue-free, and special-made adhesive that will secure your phone grip to almost any surface, excluding silicon surfaces. We use protected, high-quality, HD printing to ensure your phone grip image doesn't fade or come off during everyday use.