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Poduno Black Windproof Travel Folding Umbrella

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Key product features:

  • Fashionable black-colored travel windproof umbrella along with Teflon coating
  • Light in weight as well as compact: The weight is below 1 pound and the product is 11.5 inches in length
  • Automated close and open umbrella button
  • Robust hardened 9 ribs fiberglass
  • Chrome plated 3 fold metal shaft for added strength
  • Slip-proof handle which is rubberized along with ergonomic design
  • Wrist strap for carrying the item easily
  • Built-in protective travel sleeve for easy packing and storage
  • Fast-dry Teflon Coating

Product description:

This automated compact-sized travel umbrella cab fits very easily in any backpack, luggage, briefcase or wallet. Being only 11.5 inches in length, the weight of the item happens to be less than 1 pound. In spite of this, it has been built with extremely sturdy materials. As many as 9 robust fiberglass ribs hold up the umbrella properly against a strong breeze that had the power to turn lesser umbrellas inside out. The presence of the innovative Teflon coating helps the water to run off easily, thus keeping this item rain fry as well as protected even in a hard downpour. It is exactly what you require for saving your hair, garments, and it will also help you to always stay prepared for coming across friends and business associates.

Product information

Package dimensions: 12.4 inches x 3 inches x 3 inches

Weight of the item: 1 pound