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X8 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds 6D Stereo true

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Dear frined ,If you want to use 2pcs earphone together ,and  pls following  Step:

1. turn on 2pcs earphone ,and it will pair ( Automatic or manual pairing)

2. open your cellphone Bluetooth 

3. Let earphone cellphone pair ( pls check the earphone Manual and more detail

4. And then it can work well for you 


2pcs Earphone USE together:



Single earphone use step:



FQA for X8-cuagain:

1. Why do I receive the goods, as if they have been opened?

Answer: Because we value product quality and customer experience, we perform 100% inspection on our products.


2.When I put the headphones into the charging compartment, there seems to be no lighting, what is going on?


Answer: a.If the headset is charging, you need to cover the charging compartment,

b. It maybe that the left and right position of the earphone is not correct. Please change the left and right earphone position and cover the charging compartment, then you can charge it.


3.Seller, one of the headphones I received is Chinese, I can't understand, how to do it?


Answer: Friends don't need to worry, because our headphones can switch languages (Chinese/English), first let the headphones turn on, then press 2 times continuously and quickly, the language can be switched


4. I want to use 2 earphones to listen to music and phonecall in the same time, why one headphone have no voice ? Can I use 2 headphones to listen to music and phonecall in the same time?


Answer: Yes, you can use 2 earphones to listen to music and phonecall in the same time.But Please follow the steps below to operate correctly:

a. The first two headphones turn on the red and blue light flashing state, wait 3-5 seconds, when one headphones will stop flashing, the headset pairing is successful.

b. Open the cellphone Bluetooth and find "MR Bluetooth" and only display one, indicating that the headset pairing is successful, you can enjoy the world of music.

c. If you still find 2"MR Bluetooth" appears on the phone, the headset have no paired successfully, please re-operate and follow the headset manual-cuagain


5. What should I do if my order has not been shipped or my order logistics information is not updated?


Answer: Please contact our servicer at the first time, we will reply you and answer your questions as soon as we see the information. We hope that you have a better shopping experience because we need your better support.

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